During your stay at the luxurious Asanti Villas by enjoying all the comforts as well as the stunning view, you might as well engage in a wide variety of activities the area has to offer.

Beaches: Just a few minutes away from Neochori settlement there are magnificent beaches, with golden sand or pebbles, organized or not, to choose from, depending on the type of holiday you wish to make.

Famous throughout Greece, and just 4 kilometres from the Asanti Villas, Stoupa has an organized beach with fine sand, while the wide variety of restaurants and café-bars make it ideal for families with children, who would rather avoid big distances and transfers.

The well-known beach of Kalogria at a distance of 4,5 kilometers from the villas, with the crystal-clear turquoise waters, the springs and the fine sand, is an organized beach, with taverns, beach-bars, umbrellas and sunbeds where you can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports. Kalogria is known as the place where the writer Nikos Kazantzakis lived in 1917-1918, as well as Georgios Zorbas. In this very land, Kazantzakis got inspired and wrote his famous book “The Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas” upon which later on the movie “Zorba the Greek” (1964) was based. On one end of this beach, there is still the cave and the small house where they lived, which is also described in the book.

If your are fan of isolated creeks, that have been untouched by touristic infrastructure, you should definitely visit Delfinia beach and enjoy its stunning deep blue waters. Another hidden gem is the beach of Foneas that has big pebbles and is located where the homonymous lush gorge ends.

Excursions, attractions: Having Neochori as a starting point via a good road network, you can visit numerous villages of Messinian Mani, known for their unique architecture, beautiful stone towers, bridges, springs and byzantine churches. Kardamili is heard throughout Greece for its unique beauty. Beside the endless –organized or not - pebble beach, known as Ritsa – where you can find a dive center to engage in underwater explorations- you will also have the opportunity to visit its fortified medieval village, the picturesque harbor and its main street with the big traditional two-storey stone houses. It is no coincidence that in this location (in nearby creek called Kalamitsi) Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011), the famous British soldier, traveler and author chose to build a house where he lived for almost five decades. He is the man, who is said to have inspired author Ian Fleming the famous character, James Bond. In fact, this house is the actual setting of the movie “Before Midnight” (2013) starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

A stop for coffee or food and a walk in Agios Nikolas, the picturesque harbor of the area, will remain unforgettable. Towards the same direction, a few kilometers far, you will see images of utmost beauty on the coastal route to Trachila. However, if you choose to drive a bit further, to Laconian Mani  (Itilo, Limeni, Gythio), you will find the traditional villages Riglia, Pigi (with a big square and a tavern), Thalames ( with a central square that has a traditional café and streams, protected by large green plane trees), as well as the villages Platsa, Lagada and Agios Nikon.

Another route with special interest is the one towards the villages: Proastio, the oldest post-byzantine village with particular religious traffic, Pyrgos, where there is an artisanship of organic products that produces fine quality olive oil, olives, capers and many more excellent local products and if you find yourself there during summer, you will also have the chance to enjoy various cultural events, Saidona, just before the fir forest of Vassiliki with the stunning views towards Messinian bay, is a historic land of resistance during WWII, and last Karyovouni, a picturesque village with a taverna full of plane trees.

A few kilometers away from Neochori you can visit the imposing castle of Lefktro that overlooks Stoupa, the medieval castle of Zarnata (as you leave Kardamili with direction to Kampos), as well as the mine of Pastrova, where Nikos Kazantzakis worked along with Zorbas and he got inspired the setting of “Alexis Zorbas”.

Activities: The fans of cycling can rent a bike in Kardamili and enjoy the beautiful organized coastal route between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos as well. For the enthusiasts of mountain activities, Taygetos promises endless thrills. Those who like hiking can choose from many organized routes and trails through the rich nature of Mani that connect most villages one with another and the beaches as well. The wild natural beauty of Taygetos, the gorges (the Gorge of Rintomo is of utmost natural beauty), the caves and the lush slopes compose an enchanting scenery, where you can engage in hiking, climbing and mountain bike. Make sure you won’t miss the Wildlife Reserve of Ntoumpitsia. The endless potential of Taygetos is also known due to the various mountain races held there, with most famous being Taygetos Challenge, that begun in 2010 and since then it takes place every year.

Food: The area is famous for its produce of olive oil, olives, ladokouloura (olive oil biscuits), paximadia (bread crust), pork (gournopoula) and fish. Do not omit tasting Kagania (eggs with tomato), local siglino and sfela cheese.

The beauties of Messinian Mani will nail you. It is an ideal place for relaxation, recreation and adventure. Come and experience this land. Be sure that it will inspire you and will remain unforgettable!